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In one of the most remote and inhospitable regions of the planet, faced with the furious Arctic freeze, an unlikely unit of Danish, Norwegian and Greenlandic hunters find themselves confronted with an even more dangerous enemy when they are tasked to protect the Northeast coast of Greenland against Nazi infiltration.

On 9th April 1940 Hitler’s troops invaded Denmark. A traumatic experience to a small peaceful nation it caused an even greater fear when the news arrived in Greenland. But in a story of sheer defiance and determination, the Danish colony of Greenland eluded Nazi occupation and came under American Allied protection in a series of events that began with the most daring of all political moves, when one man chose to ignore direct orders from his occupied government.

His bold move was the beginning of this remarkable story about a few brave men. By choice they lived solitary lives in the Arctic Northeast Greenland far removed from civilization, peacefully surviving on their skills as hunters. They were men of few words but as events would soon show, they were men of great courage and action.

While the world had been raging war for a year, their home in this region of the planet was still silent and calm. However, the beauty and peace of this crystal world would soon be shattered. Unknown to these men, events would happen forever altering their lives, which would put to the test everything they believed; the grim reach of war would soon encroach on this icy region and on their quiet minds. And the reason why this was going to happen was the very thing they themselves were so wholly at one with: the weather.

It was a battle for meteorological information that was to involve Greenland in the war. And so began one of the greatest stories of exceptional human courage and resilience. An unlikely unit of Danish, Greenlandic and Norwegian men, they were to become instrumental in the outcome of the war as the guardians of a remote and dangerous 500-mile inhospitable and inaccessible stretch of coast.

They became The Northeast Greenland Sledge Patrol.

For approximately two years they patrolled the coast and saw nothing. They carried on hunting, silently doubting any enemy infiltration until the day everything changed when they discovered a footprint on the ice.



The main protagonists of this story have long passed away however they left behind some unpublished accounts of their stories as historic documents of the time. Therefore throughout the film this documentary series presents the main events as dramatisations according to these accounts. Set in the backdrop of the Arctic glacial magnificence of Greenland, the story of The Sledge Patrol is told by their leader in a first person personal account directly to the viewer as a narration to the dramatised sequences. The sequence of events form invisible ‘chapters’ tied together with documentary interviews relevant to the ‘chapter’. Archive footage, photos and radio broadcasts of events form the crucial documentary element for each ‘chapter’ along with the relevant interviews reminding the viewer that this is indeed a real life story.

This documentary series tells for the first time the extraordinary story of these brave men, how they were forced to take up arms when the Nazis landed on the Northeast coast of Greenland in 1943. It is a beautiful story of dignity and values yet painful in it’s gruesome circumstances. It is not simply a story about war but about the men who got caught up in a war. The men were not soldiers. They had no training, no knowledge and no wish to become soldiers. But as circumstances would have it they were to become soldiers nonetheless in a remarkable battle in the most isolated of all WWII battlefields relying only on their experience and skills in the deadly terrain that is the Arctic.